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Useful gifts for first time parents

Buying gifts for friends or family who are having their first baby can be tricky, especially if you're not around babies often (like I once was). Here is a list of things we and our new parent friends have found particularly useful.
The worth of some of these things may not be immediately apparent to your gift recipient as you can't really know what you're getting into at that stage. Worry not because you will likely receive a message from them in a few weeks/months thanking you from the bottom of their sleep deprived soul!* I’ve directed these gifts at mothers mostly but they are all appropriate to anyone who is about to have a little person inhabit their lives.
Bonds’ Zippys
I know it’s tempting to buy that cute outfit set with thousands of buttons and matching pieces but your friend will silently curse you when trying to get their wriggly, drunk octopus-like baby into it. BUY. ALL. THE. ZIPPYS. One or more in every size. Or just bigger sizes (00, 0, 1) because these can b…

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