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Budget Baby: How we afforded to have a baby during our PhDs

If, like me, you did the whole undergraduate degree + honours degree + PhD track in quick succession (and you want to have a child), you will most likely find yourself facing the fertility/PhD debacle. Do you risk attempting to have a child/children after your PhD when you’re a bit older and potentially less fertile, or do you delay finishing your PhD and improve your odds of conceiving? We chose option B (obviously there is no ‘right’ answer but!).
Speaking of "we", my partner is also doing a PhD. This means we are both that odd type of ‘poor’ where you are literally earning just above the poverty line but you typically come from middle-class families—who may provide back-up/emergency finances—to have had the opportunity to end up doing a PhD. This limited income for the all-consuming job that is a PhD thesis can make the idea of having a baby financially daunting. 
So here are some things we learnt when having our Budget Baby (who is just the best little person, by the way. …

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