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Women are not responsible for solving our endometriosis problem

During my PhD, I have attended several events that brought together various groups interested in endometriosis: women, doctors, researchers, policy makers, charities, etc. These events are fantastic. It’s important to include as many perspectives as possible if we are to find ways to improve women’s experiences of endometriosis and the health care they receive for it.
However, I’ve noticed an unsettling trend with these events. They tend to largely consist of people telling women what they ‘should’ be doing to improve the health care they receive for endometriosis.  
"You need to be your own advocate," "you need to find a doctor who can do their job," and at one event a prominent researcher suggested every woman with endometriosis donate at least $1 for more research! It is rarely acknowledged that awareness, quality health care and research are things that women with endometriosis are entitled to (rather than something they have to ask for).
I acknowledge that these …

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